How to fix Huawei P20 Pro unresponsive screen issue (horrible lag and freezing)

One of essentially the most irritating points one can encounter in a smartphone is having unresponsive screen. In this submit, we wish to deal with this drawback that’s taking place on Huawei P20 Pro. If you’re one of many unfortunate customers to have a freezing screen issue, this submit ought to assist.

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Troubleshooting Huawei P20 Pro unresponsive screen issue 

Unresponsive screen issue is often an indication of a drawback though typically, software glitch may also be to blame. Follow the steps beneath to take care of this issue/

Restart the system. Screen freezing issues are at occasions fastened by merely refreshing the system. Make certain to restart the telephone and see what occurs. The Huawei P20 Pro has a non-removable battery pack so understandably, you may be unable to disconnect the battery to restart it. In order to obtain the identical end result although, you’ll be able to  simply maintain down the facility button till the screen goes black. If the reason for the issue is a brief bug, this reboot could assist.

If the issue stays after the sort of reboot, proceed to the following troubleshooting step.

Cache partition wipe. In some instances, an unresponsive screen issue could also be a results of a system cache issue. To be sure that your telephone’s system cache is in high form, think about doing cache partition wipe. This will drive the gadget to delete the present cache and change it with a brand new one over time. Here’s what you want to do:

  1. Turn off the gadget. This is vital. If you’ll be able to’t flip it off, you’ll by no means have the ability to boot to Recovery Mode. If you aren’t ready to shut the gadget off often by way of the Power button, wait till the telephone’s battery is drained. Then, cost the telephone for 30 minutes earlier than booting to Recovery Mode.
  2. With your telephone turned off, press and maintain each the Volume Up and Power buttons concurrently for at the least 10 seconds.
  3. Let go of the buttons when the Honor brand seems.
  4. Shortly after seeing the brand, the EMUI screen exhibits up with the restoration mode choices.
  5. Press the Volume Down button to scroll to and spotlight Wipe cache partition possibility.
  6. Then press the Power button to affirm choice.
  7. Use the Volume buttons to scroll to and spotlight the following choices and Power button to affirm choice.

Check for unhealthy app. In some instances, issues with a screen is app-related. Poor app coding could intrude with Android and lead to issues. While this issue doesn’t occur on a regular basis, a whole lot of third social gathering app issues could have an effect on the screen or trigger extreme efficiency issues. If your screen began having issues or changing into unresponsive after putting in an app, delete that app and see if that can fix it. If you aren’t certain however suspect that one of many apps is to blame, strive to restart the telephone to secure mode as an alternative. On secure mode, your gadget solely runs preinstalled apps whereas blocking third social gathering ones. So, if the screen works usually once more on secure mode however returns to its problematic state once you reboot to regular or common mode, that’s an apparent signal that there’s an issue with one of many apps.

To see if a downloaded app is inflicting an issue, strive to boot the gadget to secure mode.

  1. Turn off the telephone. If you’ll be able to’t flip the telephone off usually, wait till the gadget runs out of energy. Then, cost it for at the least 30 minutes earlier than doing the following steps.
  2. Turn on the telephone.
  3. Once the Huawei brand screen is displayed, press the Volume Down button repeatedly till you see Safe Mode on the backside of the screen. If you’re unsuccessful, repeat Steps 1-Three till you get it proper.
  4. If the screen works after Step 2, then there should be an issue along with your apps. If nothing occurs after Step 1, or if you’re unable to boot the gadget to Safe Mode in any respect, proceed to the following options.

Should the screen work on secure mode and you need to understand how to determine the issue app, you want to use the method of elimination to slim down the culprits. To determine which of your downloaded apps is inflicting the issue:

  1. Exit secure mode by restarting your gadget.
  2. Check for the issue.
  3. If the issue returns, boot to secure mode once more.
  4. Uninstall an app. Start with essentially the most not too long ago downloaded one.
  5. After every removing, restart your gadget and see whether or not eradicating it solved the issue.
  6. Repeat steps 1-Four till you’ve recognized the wrongdoer.
  7. After you take away the app that’s inflicting the issue, you’ll be able to reinstall the opposite apps that you just eliminated.

Check for overheating. If your Huawei P20 Pro’s screen began having an issue along with overheating, there could also be a malfunction. There could also be an underlying purpose why overheating and unresponsive screen issue happens. If your telephone was unintentionally dropped or uncovered to parts (water, moisture, excessive warmth, an excessive amount of chilly), each of those signs could also be indicative of unhealthy .

Overheating may be attributable to a foul app or a software glitch however because you’ve already tried secure mode process earlier, the most probably purpose for it should be hardware-related.

Increase battery cost. Sometimes, low battery energy can lead to bugs and poor efficiency. Try to verify if the screen works usually once more after topping up the battery.

Alternatively, think about doing a battery and OS calibration. Doing so helps Android decide right battery ranges and typically fix bugs alongside the way in which. Here’s how to try this:

  1. Drain the battery utterly. This means utilizing your gadget till it powers down by its personal and the battery degree reads zero%.
  2. Charge the telephone till it reaches 100%. Be certain to use unique charging tools to your gadget and let it cost up utterly. Do not unplug your gadget for at the least two extra hours and additionally don’t use it whereas charging.
  3. After the elapsed time, unplug your gadget.
  4. Restart the gadget.
  5. Use your telephone till it utterly runs out of energy once more.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5.

Install updates. Some Android issues are attributable to flawed coding that’s why no fundamental troubleshooting will likely be ready to fix it. At this time, we’ve got no indication that there’s an on-going screen drawback with Huawei P20 Pro massive numbers of Huawei P20 Pro gadgets. Still, it’s at all times a good suggestion to maintain the software surroundings of a tool up-to-date. Make certain that every one apps are working their newest version and OS the newest.

Return gadget to manufacturing facility defaults (manufacturing facility reset). Wiping your telephone must be tried if not one of the options above has not labored up to now. At this stage, we hope that the issue is on software degree solely. If that’s the case, manufacturing facility reset will most probably assist.

  1. Turn off the gadget. This is vital. If you’ll be able to’t flip it off, you’ll by no means have the ability to boot to Recovery Mode. If you aren’t ready to shut the gadget off often by way of the Power button, wait till the telephone’s battery is drained. Then, cost the telephone for 30 minutes earlier than booting to Recovery Mode.
  2. Then flip the telephone whereas holding down the next key mixture: Power Button, Volume Up Button
  3. Hold down the buttons till the Huawei brand disappears from the show and the screen turns black.
  4. You can now launch the buttons.
  5. This will now show the boot menu after a second.
  6. Go to the entry “Wipe Cache Factory Reset ” with the quantity keys then choose it utilizing the facility key
  7. Reboot the telephone as soon as the method has accomplished

Get assist from Huawei (Repair). Although telephone screens are thought-about among the most dependable elements in any given gadget, it nonetheless stays a fragile half. In some instances, even a well-placed drop can harm it. While there aren’t any recognized constant software bug that may trigger severe points on Huawei screens, it could be a good suggestion to seek the advice of the telephone maker ought to not one of the options above work.


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How to fix Huawei P20 Pro unresponsive screen issue (horrible lag and freezing)

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